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Restaurant Makeover – “Are they still open?”

The Restaurant Makeover series ran for five seasons on the Food Network. Turn your remote to that station and you will still find them regularly airing episodes. Now, whether one is new to watching this program or not, the same question arises: “Are they still open?”

Restaurants are a high risk business. It is not just about surviving that first year but maintaining the business beyond three years, where the number of closures jumps even higher according to recent studies. With so many closings, surviving was what this show provided for struggling restaurants.

Armed with renowned Canadian chefs and designers, these underdogs apparently had everything going to succeed. Watching their stories and turning their establishments, front and back of house, around made for great television, but despite all these efforts almost forty percent of those involved with Restaurant Makeover still failed. Those that have not succeeded have been labelled by other authors and restaurateurs as having succumbed to the “curse of restaurant makeover.”

Read the “rest of the story” at: http://www.restaurants-hotels.ca/NewsPressReleases.aspx?param=view&id=5

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About Geraldine Gracia

With a background in creative arts, Geraldine Gracia has spent her free time exploring the culinary imaginations of chefs from the west coast, the prairies and now, Toronto. Armed with curiosity and a love of food and drink, she is continually surprised by the overwhelming variety and excellent quality available to all of us.

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